Week 17

I’m 17 weeks pregnant this week, and this pregnancy… I actually have a baby bump!  With SuperJack, I was walking around 8 months pregnant, and it still looked as if I’d only gained 3 or 15 lbs.  But today, I seem to have a buddha belly.  Tonight is couple’s night out and I went to the maternity store and bought a new belly band, so I can wear my regular blue jeans this fall and winter.  If this one works out well for me, I might buy a few online in cute patterns.  Sorry- no belly pics yet.  The digital camera’s broken.

What was your favorite pregnancy product?

One Response to “Week 17”

  1. Oh, Belly Bands are wonderful- and great for after baby, too, if you nurse and want to still cover the tummy area! My other favorite pregnancy product has to be my Olian gauchos and tank. It’s a pricier brand of maternity wear but oh my goodness it is the softest most comfortable clothing and I’ve washed them a gazillion times and they still look new. So worth it for me! : )

    Oh, and then also Tummy To Toes revitalizing leg and foot cream. It is very soothing!


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