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Let’s get it started… UBP 2009

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Nice to Meet You

Hey- welcome to my blog.  I’m Whit…it’s nice to meet you.  My husband kind of makes fun of me because on all my online ventures (twitter, facebook, blogging), I go by Whit and in “real” life, everyone still calls me Whitney.  Every since I got married I’ve wanted people to start calling me “Whit” because I think my first name and married name sound a little rhyme-y. So ever since then, I’ve just started introducing myself to everyone as “Whit”- call it an identity crisis, but he still thinks it’s weird. 2.2.2002 Speaking of the hubby, here’s a picture of us from high school.  I know, scary right?  Amazingly enough most of my current “grown up” friends married their high school sweet hearts, so I guess I should take it seriously when my boys are old enough to date.  That picture was taken in February of 2002, back when I used to keep my hair permed.  It’s straight as a board now, but other than that, we both still look pretty much the same.  Ryan is a network engineer and general “techie.”  He’s not a nerd though.  (and no, he won’t fix your computer).  He spends most of his time at work maintaining and constructing fiber optic networks, but he also deals with radio frequency and maintains the company’s two-way radio stuff.  For fun, he has a second career.  Ryan And Whitley wedding082He’s a partner in a sound company called Ready or Not, and he spends weekends running sound for small to medium size gigs here and there.  Some of the people on his resume: Casting Crowns, Mark Wills, Charlie Daniels, Third Day, and The Jonas Brothers- among others.  You can read more about his thoughts on his blog, over here. We’ve been married since October of 2004.  Gosh, we look like kids in that picture.  Seriously though, Ryan is one of the smartest people I know.  He didn’t do that great in school, but he’s an expert in so many fields.  He was even, at age 12, the youngest licensed ham radio operator in Georgia, north of Atlanta. Even in the 6th grade, he had teachers asking him to figure out their computers for them, and that was circa DSCF08561995. But back to the story…we spent a little time just being “us,” but we had a big surprise come in the fall of 2005.  Yes, we were pregnant.  (We’re just not great planners.)  I was working as an IV tech at a local hospital, and Ryan was self employed at the time. In May of 2006, the Jack-o-saur was born.   You’ll hear him referred to by many names around here.  In earlier days, he was “the full focus child”, but I guess that doesn’t apply anymore.  But often, he’s “Kid the first,” “JackAttack,” or even “The Attack Human…” He’s polishing off his 2nd year as we speak, and he keeps me on my toes.  His DSCN0779 current interests: being outside (all the time, regardless of the weather), climbing on everything, Bugs Bunny (preferably in his Merrie Melodies days), macaroni and cheese, and all things Pixar.  He’ll talk your ear off (he comes by it honestly), though some times it requires a translator.  A typical sentence for Jack goes something like this, “bugs rabbit hab it a candew wif marbind a mahtian.”  (Bugs Bunny and Marvin the Martian have a candle- which of course means the Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator.) The picture above on the left is at 8 weeks, and the one on the right is fairly current- I think it was Thanksgiving 2008.  After Jack was born, I stayed at home and DSCN1361have done an odd job here or there since, but mostly, I’ve really enjoyed having the job title of “Mama.” Fast forward a bit, and we’ll move on to “Baby Dos,” as he was  called throughout my pregnancy.  He wasn’t officially named until his birthday, so  he got some interesting nicknames.  Ira, named after my granddaddy, turned 4 weeks old yesterday, which I guess explains the absence of recent blog posts.  Scroll down about 2 posts for his birth story.  Aside from a fierce case of baby acne and being poked in his sleep by his big brother, his life has been fairly uneventful so far.  His interests include nursing (aka “the ninny”), sleeping, pooping, and more “ninny.”  When asked how Ira was doing around week one, my husband replied, “Ira’s doing DSCN1509great.  He spends most of the day staring at the back of his eyelids or a boob- I’d be just fine too.” Ahhh…. the joy of a newborn (and an occasionally crass spouse).  He’s already up to 10 lbs (almost), and is still fitting comfortably in newborn sizes.  Unfortunately, with one in February and the other in May, most of my favorite itsy-bitsy’s from Kid-the-First have been too cold for Ira, but today IS the first day of Spring… maybe we’ll get lucky.  Well I guess that’s us… that’s my family.  Now that you know me, tell me a little bit about yourself.  I’m on twitter and facebook, so befriend or follow me.  And, I’m looking for some new blogroll friends so leave a comment and I’ll be sure to check you out!