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My response to Motrin

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , on November 16, 2008 by Whit.

I ran across this advertising campaign in print yesterday in my Real Simple magazine, and wasn’t surprised to find that it was the topic of discussion on twitter overnight.  I am surprised that their marketing department would even risk an advertising campaign that alienates such a specific group of people. After viewing their homepage, I made sure that they knew how I felt about their careless advertising.  Please join me in responding to the ad here.

My response is posted below:

FYI: I will never in my lifetime purchase another Motrin product  for myself or my children due to your current ad campaign that bashes babywearing.  This was a poorly thought out campaign that truly alienates those of us who  realize the proven health benefits of babywearing. I believe that your advertising executives would find articles at very enlightening and eye opening. The most damaging aspect of this campaign is the affect that it may have on those women who are not mothers yet. This ad portrays babywearing as a trendy, fashionable new advancement in parenting.  In reality, babywearing has been around since the beginnings of time and is as a very natural part of parenting in almost every other country in the world.

As for the “mother” in your “Momversation,” “she” might do some research of her own.  Obviously, if wearing her child is causing her back pain, she needs to make sure her child is positioned correctly. If “she” is still uncomfortable, I suggest trying a different type of carrier.

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