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This post is going to sound weird… but I’m not going to apologize for it.  I guess I’ll just jump right in.

It seems like lately my eyes have been opened wide to a number of things that have affected me profoundly.   Every day, I read something new.  I see some video.  I hear a story.  Each one breaks my heart.  I have always held many passions- many, many diverse passions, and I have a desire to keep my heart fully alive and awake to the world around me.  Maybe that’s why I can’t ignore these things.  I can’t turn a blind eye to these things.

Adoption is something very close to my heart.  I don’t know why…. yet.  I would one day like to adopt, but I don’t clearly see that opportunity in the future.  I am moved by adoption stories.  This adoption was just complete and turned a couple into a loving family of 3.  This family is in the long, arduous process of adopting 2 children from Haiti.  Their 2nd child was adopted domestically.  This family is grieving today.  The child they were adopting (a biological sister of their daughter) passed away unexpectedly on Saturday. In The Irresistible Revolution by Shaine Claiborne, he brought an interesting point to the forefront of my mind.  If I am going to stand and say that I feel abortion is morally wrong, I had better be ready to love on some single mothers and adopt some babies.

I guess onto the big “A” word.  Someone posted this video on facebook today and I watched it.  This movie is about a woman who went in to have an abortion at 22 weeks.  She ended up delivering the infant, alive,  in the clinic’s restroom and cradling her son for all 11 minutes of his life.  The video doesn’t take either side of the big debate, but really tells a true story of a woman and the injustice done to her and her baby.  With the election coming up, abortion has been getting a lot of publicity.  I don’t really desire to give it any more, but this movie trailer affected me.

Another movie trailer I have seen recently is for the film Call:Response. It’s a rockumentary about human trafficking.  It is SO wrong and we are SO blind to its prevalence.  I think about the injustice done to children all over the world and I ache.  I think about my sponsored child, Maria, in Peru, and the kids at this rescue center in Haiti.  I think about babies orphaned by AIDS in Africa, and children that have no water to drink.  I think about this initiative to bring water to those kids and wonder why I’ve never heard of it before.  I think and dream and wish I could do more to help.

I’m learning and reading about natural childbirth.  My husband asks, “Why, on earth,  would you want to do that to yourself?”  I want to help educate women about things like cloth diapering, breastfeeding, and natural parenting, but that’s not going with the flow.  I want to start a business to help other women diaper their children with REAL DIAPERS, but I can’t bring it up with my family, because it would be weird.  I feel like everything around me screams “Be normal!” “Be like everybody else!”  “Just stop being so weird!” But I’m not like everybody else.  I’m just a mom.  I stay at home.  We’re broke and I can’t send millions of dollars to these causes.  I’m struggling to come up with $18 for my sponsored child to have a Christmas present!  I feel so helpless, so powerless to make a difference.  There’s so much that I want to accomplish in this life, but I am still so clueless as to how it’s going to happen.

Does anyone else ever feel this way?  Just so overwhelmed.



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Since I’ve stopped working (outside of my home), I’ve had the opportunity to revisit… or rather, reclaim, some areas of my life that I’ve pushed aside.  I’m excited… and worried… because these are the parts of me that create a lot of waves.  I’ve always been full of passion for a LOT of things.  It’s frustrating because there is so much that I want to accomplish and experience, and I don’t always have the patience to wait long for God to bring those dreams to fruition.

Pregnancy has brought some dormant passions to the surface.  I’ve always been very much of an “attachment” parent.  I was before I even knew what it meant to be an “attachment” or natural parent.  Some of the main focuses of natural parenting are breastfeeding (especially into toddlerhood), babywearing, and cosleeping.  Well with Jack growing older, we are moving away from some of those things.  The desire to have him close at night has been ousted by the fact that he takes up half the bed!  I nursed him until his second birthday, but he naturally weaned himself around the time of the new pregnancy.  I do occasionally still use my ring sling or wrap, but without the right equipment and his overwhelming desire for independence, it’s not necessarily a pleasant experience.  But the thought of having a newborn again brings all of those ideas to the surface.  (I’m already scoping out a new ring sling and pouch– not to mention these three things that I’ve wanted since Jack was little.)

Another dream that God has brought up lately is my love of photography.  I would OH SO LOVE to be able to take great looking pictures of my friends and family.  It would even be fantastic to use that passion as a way to bring in some amount of income for my family.  I’m no pro… but I’d definitely love to work on it. The only problem is that my digital camera is a snap and shoot from the stone age… you know- 2002.  And even it’s broken.  I often wonder, “God, why are you bringing this up now??”  I trust that if it’s his will, he’ll provide the money or the equipment.  I’m a creative spirit to my core… and I would love the opportunity to share that with others.

Some other parts of myself to rediscover:

  • my desire for living simply and sustainably
  • my dream to be mentored spiritually- God willing the right person will come along.
  • my love of great modern design
  • the cloth diapering thing is returning… don’t roll your eyes.
  • the desire to really, really have something to offer.  to be a woman of substance…

These are the things I am focusing on.  I’m praying that my childish “I WANT” doesn’t get in the way of God.  Off to bathe the ‘lil punk.

God is on the move!