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One Bored 3 Year Old

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Yesterday, we have the joy of riding aboard THE Thomas and Tank Engine’s passenger cars. Jack had the time of his life, but the wait for the train to start was a little long. Watch and see how my excited toddler kept himself entertained… I was so proud. He was actually a perfect little guy the whole day…


That’s his “Pop” (Ryan’s Dad) next to him… and yes, there’s Thomas music in the background.

Here’s some more pictures from our fun day…


I Shot the Sheriff….

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or ran over him with Lightening McQueen. We’re all about the Pixar around here…



A Long Night

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Last night was one of those nights… Around 1:30, the boy woke up sick.  Why do these things always happen at night, when you feel the most helpless?  The process begins: washing of sheets, a shower, finding something to sleep on… and in his little dazed, midnight mind, I know he’s scared and uncomfortable. 

And in my dazed, midnight mind, I’m scared and uncomfortable.  A  2 a.m. watching of VeggieTales helps him to feel better, and after three more bouts of it- the boy drifts off to sleep. But there, I lay…  I feel my own stomach roll a few times and wonder if it’s a virus or just the effects of being barfed upon in my sleep.  Is it my own active imagination or something he/we/I ate?  Or even worse, is this a signal that labor is coming?  I can’t have this baby now, not when my first baby needs me so much.  I get up and take a Zofran… God- I love my midwife.

There I lay…. for hours.  Analyzing every burp, breath, and gurgle that comes from my sleeping boy and wondering if it’s over.  I get uncomfortable on one hip and want to roll over, but I’m afraid to.  I know I’d never be able to roll back over fast enough to react to another bout of sickness.  So instead, I move to the other side of the bed… the smelly side.

My mind continues to reel…. is this over, I need to put the sheets in the dryer, why are my feet so cold, am I shaky, I hope he’s comfortable, that contraction didn’t feel so great, am I going to go into labor, is it safe to have Zofran and Zantac in your system at the same time, finances, chores, laundry, an article to write, a conversation with a friend, the future…

Why can’t I shut off my brain long enough to fall asleep? 

I hate that feeling.  Around 5 or so, I fall back asleep, and wake up with a pounding head at 7:30.  The good news… I believe, for the moment, that it was all a combination of too much cheap pizza, Valentine’s candy, and excitement.  Even better news… a quiet Sunday at home to savor with my boy- who really is my heart beating outside of my body…


The Best Picture I’ve Ever Taken

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Jackson 8 Weeks

Self Awareness, Shame, and Imagination

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DSCN1152 We have reached a whole new milestone of the toddler years these past few weeks.  Jack has totally developed this whole embarrassment/ shame thing, and it’s come on so quickly.  I’m not entirely positive where this is coming from, other than the fact that he’s starting to use the potty more regularly.  Now that I think about it, that’s probably got a lot to do with it, but it’s really extended to other areas as well.  For example, Jack is currently jumping around like a maniac dancing on the bed to “Life is a Highway” on Cars, and as soon as I turn from the computer to look at him, he shies away and tells me to turn around.  “Mama, look ‘puter,” he says.  It’s really quite funny when he does it, but it makes me wonder where he got the idea that dancing around to music is something to be shy about.  He and I play around and dance all day long, so I’m not sure where it came from. 

On a happier note, his imagination is BLOOMING!  I love to just listen to him talk and watch him play.  He likes to pretend that we’re animals or that his bath tub fish is his family.  It’s hilarious. 

But have any of you experienced this sudden onset of shame with your kids?  It makes me worry that he’s getting the wrong message from discipline or school.  I worry about his little heart, you know.  I don’t want him to think that there’s anything wrong with who he is or even how he dances. 

Full Term

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So today officially marks my 37th week of pregnancy.  It seems like this pregnancy has really flown by.  There are definite differences between this pregnancy and my last.  The first time around, I slept…. a lot! This time, I’ve had plenty to occupy my time taking care of kid, the first.  When I was pregnant with Jack, we had his nursery set up at 23 weeks and his bedding monogrammed with his first name.  Poor little “Dos” doesn’t even have a name yet.  I’m sure he’ll make it just fine without monogrammed bedding, but part of me is starting to freak out about all the stuff I have left to do.  Hopefully this weekend, we can make some headway on getting our life ready for the new little man- that would be the goal anyway.  Focusing on the positive- here is a list of things I HAVE done so far:

  • packed the hospital bag
  • had the birth plan approved by my midwife
  • started to get Jack’s newborn stuff ready for “Dos”

So I guess that’s all I really have done.  Oh well, maybe this weekend I’ll make some headway on it all.  Since this post really went nowhere…. here’s a picture of Jackarooni to knock your socks off… gotta love the fur lined Lightening McQueen hoodie!