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International Babywearing Week 2009

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This week is International Babywearing week, and personally I’ve been celebrating by (impatiently) awaiting two new carriers that I bought online. Really, how many times can the UPS man drive down my street without stopping?

While I’m waiting for my babywearing goodness to arrive, I’ll share with you a little bit of my babywearing story.

How did I get started babywearing? When I was pregnant with Kid.The.First, I saw a product page in American Baby listing some great products for new moms. I saw a beautiful brown ring sling with turquoise stars and I knew I found my “fit” as a mother. My very best friend gifted me a chocolate brown Rockin’ Baby Sling, and it’s still the main staple of my babywearing wardrobe.Not soon after kid.the.first was born, I was at the mall with my stepmom (I think) and I saw a very happy12-months-011 mother and baby using a moby wrap. That’s how I was introduced to wraps.  After settling into new motherhood, I realized that I believed in all the principles of attachment parenting, and I felt like I had finally found my place.

Why do I wear my kids now? Well for starters, the Gremlin (aka baby dos) is seven months old which is prime time for babywearing. We experience things together… and we even manage to keep up with kid.the.first every once in a while! It also soothes my “mommy guilt.” Since I’m in nursing school most of the week, my kids spend at least 6 hours a day at “school.” (It sounds so much nicer that way…) When kid.the.first was a baby, we’d spend hours just staring 6692_1180712563022_1384424743_30496154_4428281_nat eachother, now the gremlin and I don’t have the same amount of quality time. There’s lots more to do, and a big brother to keep up with. Babywearing helps me to know that the time he spends in the sling is quality time. He’s learning, we’re snuggling. It makes it easier on both of us. Also… ‘slinging him is a failsafe when he’s fussy or fighting sleep- cradle hold gets him every time! It’s also fantastic for times like church or my morning women’s bible study, when he doesn’t want to go in the nursery… ‘sling him and he’s out cold!

What is my favorite part about babywearing? Sweet, soft baby head… right up close for a million kisses a day. But honestly, this is going to sound really weird, but it might also be the stares and questions I get. I love an opportunity to share the love with anyone who will stop to listen. I was recently in walmart, when a man n208502059_30444513_2380stocking the yogurt section said, “Wow, that’s really cool- and you could even nurse in there too…” which of course I thought was amazing- that he assumed that my baby was breastfed. But really, don’t get me started unless you want a dissertation on how amazing babywearing is.

What slings/carriers do I own? My babywearing collection currently includes: a rockin’ baby sling, a sage green moby wrap, a nest sling, and coming soon: a babyhawk and an ergo baby carrier.When the gremlin gets a little older/heavier, I’d like to invest in a quality woven wrap like a storchenweige.


Spring’s Hottest Accessory

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No, it’s not a new necklace… a brand name… or a designer.  It’s Baby!  More specifically, Baby Ira, since Jack’s gotten a little too heavy for me. Ira hit the 7 week mark yesterday- that’s hard to believe- and has spent a chunk of those 7 weeks in either the sling or the wrap. Since his birth, he’s experienced Bible study, church, the park, the library, the grocery store, a middle school play, and numerous other things from the comfort and security of mama’s chest.

At times when I need him to feel more secure, like when I’m chasing Jack around the park, I wear him in the Moby Wrap, but most of the time, I prefer the quick in-and-out of the ring sling. 

One of my favorite things about wearing Ira, is that I don’t have to worry about what I’ve got on- nobody’s going to pay attention to that anyway! With such an adorable baby in there, what else is there to notice. But, I definitely need to expand my “babywearing wardrobe” Here’s some things I’ve been jonesing for for a while now…

A Ring Sling from Nonny and Boo
A Babyhawk MeiTai
A Storchenweige Woven Wrap
An Ergo Baby Carrier

I, unfortunately, don’t have any pictures of Ira in the sling or the wrap yet, but clip on babywearing in the tags on the right hand side to see some great pictures and stories of Jack. 

Thanks Steph for another great babywearing link-up!

My response to Motrin

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I ran across this advertising campaign in print yesterday in my Real Simple magazine, and wasn’t surprised to find that it was the topic of discussion on twitter overnight.  I am surprised that their marketing department would even risk an advertising campaign that alienates such a specific group of people. After viewing their homepage, I made sure that they knew how I felt about their careless advertising.  Please join me in responding to the ad here.

My response is posted below:

FYI: I will never in my lifetime purchase another Motrin product  for myself or my children due to your current ad campaign that bashes babywearing.  This was a poorly thought out campaign that truly alienates those of us who  realize the proven health benefits of babywearing. I believe that your advertising executives would find articles at very enlightening and eye opening. The most damaging aspect of this campaign is the affect that it may have on those women who are not mothers yet. This ad portrays babywearing as a trendy, fashionable new advancement in parenting.  In reality, babywearing has been around since the beginnings of time and is as a very natural part of parenting in almost every other country in the world.

As for the “mother” in your “Momversation,” “she” might do some research of her own.  Obviously, if wearing her child is causing her back pain, she needs to make sure her child is positioned correctly. If “she” is still uncomfortable, I suggest trying a different type of carrier.

Please find the following articles and posts helpful:

Babywearing Week- 2008

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Okay, so it’s been kind of quiet around here lately. I’ve been taking time out each day to write, but the writing has been so disjointed and personal…. let’s just say it needs to stay private.

I decided to post a few of my favorite babywearing photos to wrap up International Babywearing Week.


This was taken on the NYC subway when Jackson was about 6 months old. Jackson loved the view from Uncle Giuseppe’s back!


Here’s another picture from the same trip to NYC to visit my sister. It was freezing cold, so we bundled Jackson up and even tucked a blanket into the wrap for extra warmth. I think this was taken inside Madam Toussad’s Wax Museum.


This picture was taken by a friend of mine at a breastfeeding mom’s group. Before the center closed, they offered breastfeeding support, infant massage classes, and even mom’s groups. Pretty progressive for a hospital, huh? Jack was right at a year old in this picture, and yes… I know… he’s a little crooked. I was wrapping in a hurry for a group demonstration, but he looks happy!

Some great babywearing memories and thoughts:

wearing the Jackattack at every concert Ryan ran sound for in his first few years.
seeing a mom tote her baby in the ergo at Bright Eyes and Gillian Welch last May- that baby was rockin’.
wearing Jack around NYC… three times.
breezing through airport security while stroller pushing moms cringed in envy.
Ikea… Ikea… Ikea.
walking Broad St. and downtown for parades and festivals.
being able to teach my friends and other mom’s about babywearing.
loving the feeling of being connected to every mom who’s ever worn her baby from Afghanistan to Zambia…it’s not exactly a new concept!

Oh… by the way.  Steph’s having a giveaway over here.

A Good Day (or “A Mile on my Back”)

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So there was a parade downtown today. I love downtown…. (I’m trying to talk ‘someone’ into letting us move there.) It seems like lately, we’ve spent a lot of time there. In the past year, we’ve found a new church home… and it’s downtown. We’ve made great friends there and we all hang out all the time… in fact, if we’re “hanging out” at all, it’s with those guys and everyone’s respective kids. So, we’re generally downtown 3 or more times a week with regard to church. Plus, there’s the library… and the park… and who can resist an old fashioned main street with amazing architecture and history!

Anyway, back to today. This morning, Jack and I were pretty lazy. He spent the night at “Nan and Pop’s,” since we led worship at Celebrate Recovery last night. So around 10 a.m. I went and grabbed him from their house, and we headed home. We laid around and played trains, had a snack and took a rest. Then we headed downtown. We parked our car at the very end of our church parking lot (along the parade route), and headed to Broad St for lunch.

I wore Jackson on my back in the ring sling… which is not exactly something I do often. However, I decided to give it a whirl today. Jackson loves being on my back… but he’s getting kinda heavy. Last check, he weighed 45 lbs, and frankly- I don’t love the ring sling that I currently own. In fact, with Jackson, I was never really much of a “slinger.” I tended to wear him more in the Moby wrap. But, at 45 lbs, a stretch wrap is pretty much out of the question. He’d be hanging around my ankles after a few steps. I’ve always wanted a storchenweige or an ergo, but haven’t had the spare change (or Benjamins) to go for it.

(That being said… I have worn Jackson recently in a friend’s ring sling when we were out of town. It’s a Nest sling, and I must say….. MUCH MORE COMFORTABLE. So… I’ve picked one out for new baby… maybe, just maybe I’ll get it. )

So… back to the story. 1/2 mile to lunch, 1/2 mile back to parade, Broad St shopping, another 1/2 mile…. my kind of day. So all in all, it’s been a good day. To wrap it up, I am thinking homemade vegetable soup and a movie…

I’ll leave you with a picture I stole borrowed from our newspaper’s website.