On Being a Student…

Right now, I’m sitting in the student commons building in front of the over priced Chikfila in the snack bar. (No really, like $6 for a cool wrap!)

I just finished a nutrition test that I think I did pretty well on, but I won’t know until Wednesday.

It’s weird… sitting here. Around all these… uhhh kids. teens… they seem like kids anyway. They’re talking about the parties they went to this weekend, and who-made-out-with-who in a drunken stupor. And I’m trying to decide if I should go pump now… or later.

The girl next to me is having a red and blue mixed icee for breakfast, and there’s some volleyball players at a table across the room hoping they don’t get drug tested in the next two weeks- guess they had a little too much fun this weekend.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some parents here too. There’s some young married couples and an interspersed mother. This university even has family housing… so we ARE out there, but I think we’re few and far between, and trying to blend in.

I think there’s a certain depth of character that comes from failing- like from really screwing things up. You can just tell that some people are new at this whole adult business…and they’re doing the best they can.

(God, I hope my boys never have to worry about whether or not they’re drug tested.)

There it is… that creeping-up-of-motherhood. It’s not that I’m judging those around me… I just want them to be careful. Be safe. I want them to know that how they perform now- in class, not on Saturday- will drastically affect they’re future. They NEED to know that.

But for now, I will just sit here on the computer, sip my water, and occasionally invite one over for a real dinner, one with protein and vegetables, with my family.


2 Responses to “On Being a Student…”

  1. I always took evening classes during my prerequisites. I found that most people that were in school had families to take care of, jobs, and other responsibilities. I totally feel you when you say it is just a lot of young people during the day.

    Once you get into taking actual nursing courses it get’s a lot better. Everyone is so much more focused.

  2. This is good. What a beautiful glimpse into your world, your thoughts as both a mother and a student. God bless. 🙂

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