International Babywearing Week 2009

This week is International Babywearing week, and personally I’ve been celebrating by (impatiently) awaiting two new carriers that I bought online. Really, how many times can the UPS man drive down my street without stopping?

While I’m waiting for my babywearing goodness to arrive, I’ll share with you a little bit of my babywearing story.

How did I get started babywearing? When I was pregnant with Kid.The.First, I saw a product page in American Baby listing some great products for new moms. I saw a beautiful brown ring sling with turquoise stars and I knew I found my “fit” as a mother. My very best friend gifted me a chocolate brown Rockin’ Baby Sling, and it’s still the main staple of my babywearing wardrobe.Not soon after kid.the.first was born, I was at the mall with my stepmom (I think) and I saw a very happy12-months-011 mother and baby using a moby wrap. That’s how I was introduced to wraps.  After settling into new motherhood, I realized that I believed in all the principles of attachment parenting, and I felt like I had finally found my place.

Why do I wear my kids now? Well for starters, the Gremlin (aka baby dos) is seven months old which is prime time for babywearing. We experience things together… and we even manage to keep up with kid.the.first every once in a while! It also soothes my “mommy guilt.” Since I’m in nursing school most of the week, my kids spend at least 6 hours a day at “school.” (It sounds so much nicer that way…) When kid.the.first was a baby, we’d spend hours just staring 6692_1180712563022_1384424743_30496154_4428281_nat eachother, now the gremlin and I don’t have the same amount of quality time. There’s lots more to do, and a big brother to keep up with. Babywearing helps me to know that the time he spends in the sling is quality time. He’s learning, we’re snuggling. It makes it easier on both of us. Also… ‘slinging him is a failsafe when he’s fussy or fighting sleep- cradle hold gets him every time! It’s also fantastic for times like church or my morning women’s bible study, when he doesn’t want to go in the nursery… ‘sling him and he’s out cold!

What is my favorite part about babywearing? Sweet, soft baby head… right up close for a million kisses a day. But honestly, this is going to sound really weird, but it might also be the stares and questions I get. I love an opportunity to share the love with anyone who will stop to listen. I was recently in walmart, when a man n208502059_30444513_2380stocking the yogurt section said, “Wow, that’s really cool- and you could even nurse in there too…” which of course I thought was amazing- that he assumed that my baby was breastfed. But really, don’t get me started unless you want a dissertation on how amazing babywearing is.

What slings/carriers do I own? My babywearing collection currently includes: a rockin’ baby sling, a sage green moby wrap, a nest sling, and coming soon: a babyhawk and an ergo baby carrier.When the gremlin gets a little older/heavier, I’d like to invest in a quality woven wrap like a storchenweige.


2 Responses to “International Babywearing Week 2009”

  1. Great post about babywearing. I just adore being able to keep my baby close to me always.


  2. What did you just order?? : ) I love Rockin Baby slings and used to have one, but need to check them out again!!


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