Fake Hamsters and Tiny Cars- a Giveaway

I never had rodent-like pets as a kid. We had birds… finches and a love bird. We had a cat- that ate the finches. I don’t ever really even remember wanting a hamster or gerbil.

But, when I recieved an email from MomSelect about an opportunity to test drive the new Zhu Zhu Pets, I was pretty into it. If you haven’t seen the commercials, then you have no idea what I’m talking about….

zhu zhu hamster

This thing is a battery operated robot hamster that has a house, tunnels, a car (that it does drive), a wheel, a superball, and oh my gosh… everything. Kid.the.first calls it “the fake hamster” and that’s exactly what it is. All the fun of a hamster without the important stuff like feeding and watering and cleaning up of poop… because frankly, I clean up enough poop as it is.

Let me tell you about the cool parts: The hamster makes sounds and really does move freely around his little home. After seeing the commercial, I was pretty skeptical, but it really does work like the commercial. He even drives his little car. It cracks me up (and makes Oliver, our cat, insane). I think the neatest thing about the whole thing is- he knows where he’s going.ย zhuzhuworld_thumb

How is that possible? Each area (the bedroom, the wheel, the kitchen, the garage, etc.) has a specific leading tunnel that is designed to let the hamster know where he is going. As the wheels move him through the tunnel, a sensor on his underside clicks against specific bumps to trigger special sounds associated with that activity. When he enters the bathroom, he makes bubble and water noises… the kitchen, cooking sounds… the garage, engine noises. It’s really cool…

There are definitely a few things that I think they could do better. The plastic pieces of the “home” are really cheap and hard to put together. Specifically, I can not get the top of the garage to stay on for more than 5 minutes without some electrical tape. The tunnel and room connections are difficult to interchange, but on the flip side, they don’t come apart easily. Another thing that I think would be nice would be a clear on/off switch. Sometimes, you’ll hear that little hamster chirping away in the playroom at midnight. (Then the cat goes berserk and we all laugh.) But the battery ran down quickly because it’s not totally clear how to turn it on and off. So those are two things that I think would be really great improvements. So far, nothing has broken- which is pretty good with a 3 year old!

If you want to see arampslide Zhu Zhu pet in action, here is a great video from youtube.

So here’s the part you’ve all been waiting for: I have a “Pipsqueak” hamster and a ramp/slide set to giveaway. Leave a comment here by 11:59 p.m. on Monday, September 28. Make sure to include your email or twitter handle so I can get in touch with you… and good luck!


4 Responses to “Fake Hamsters and Tiny Cars- a Giveaway”

  1. Okay, I’m home now, so I can comment. ๐Ÿ™‚ My boys would love a hamster, and fake is better than real in my book! Plus, I have to laugh thinking how my dog will react….

  2. Please give the free Zhu Zhu to my friend Heather. Her boys would LOVE one and she doesn’t like rodents any more than I did when my kides were small and wanted one!

  3. OMG “santa” HAS to bring these things to my daughter this year or she just might pack her bags and move out. And seeing as though she is 4 that might not be the best idea! Please can i have the Zhu Zhu pets?? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Oh and i’m new here but i’m pretty sure that we live in the same (general)area. NWGA??

  4. Sounds like fun… a pet without pet food and vet bills, my kind of animal!

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