Nursing School

I kept trying to find a way to write this post without sounding super cheesy. It’s hard sometimes, not being cheesy when a lot of your dreams are based in faith and optimism.

I thought about nursing school in the past, but all I could think about was grumpy old men and suppositories. Gross, but it’s a reality.

Anyway… I chose nursing for a million reasons, and here are a few of them. I want to provide financially for my family. It seems like there are hiring freezes on everything these days, except for nurses. I’m not interested in sitting behind a desk all day. I’d rather be up moving around. I want to be able to help others… I want to support worthwhile organizations. I want to travel to other countries to help people. That takes skill and money… nursing provides both.

My hope after I graduate is to get my masters… torn between anesthesia and midwifery. Who knows, maybe I’ll do both.

One Response to “Nursing School”

  1. These are all good reasons. Nursing takes a lot, it doesn’t matter what is going on in your life at home, with nursing, you have to learn to leave all of it at home, you are taking care of people that are sick, they need you. You have to be caring, patient and peaceful no matter what. Sticking to this is hard, but its something I always remind myself of .

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