So Dang Hard…

Why is it that life-changing-uber-important-pivotal decisions always have to be made over the time span of days or minutes, rather than months or weeks of prayer, thought, and meditation? These things… they beg to be decided. In the meantime, your life… your will… your whole being hangs teetering scarily on the edge of some great ravine.

I thought I had this figured out already. Didn’t I have it all neatly bundled and sewn up into its own tiny compartment of my life? What happened to that firm resolution? That unyielding inclination… where did it go?

I have decided… but do I want to risk changing my mind… my plans? And this isn’t just about me anymore.  Haven’t we been here before… in this exact same place, same moment, same thought? And haven’t the results always been the same?

God, why is this so dang hard….


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