I moved my weekly midwife appointment up to today.  I’ve been feeling queasy since Monday and needed some relief.  It’s definitely a new discovery to be nauseous (I can’t ever spell that word correctly!) and starving at the same time. 

Sitting in the waiting room, looking at the other patients/spouses as my stomach turned upside down and inside out, it was really tempting.  I thought, “You know, if I was having a repeat cesarean, I’d be having a baby tomorrow…”

If only it didn’t go against everything I believe- not that I think elective sections are wrong… it’s just wrong for ME right now. 

I almost had myself talked into it.  Then I heard that small, still voice inside that said, “Don’t rush him, Whitney, he’ll be here on his own time…” 

Although, it’s still tempting to clean house like a mad woman, chow down on eggplant parmesan, and take a dose of castor oil, I know that his delivery will go a lot smoother if he comes when HE’S ready.

Now I know that I am doing the right thing. 

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