Babywearing Week- 2008

Okay, so it’s been kind of quiet around here lately. I’ve been taking time out each day to write, but the writing has been so disjointed and personal…. let’s just say it needs to stay private.

I decided to post a few of my favorite babywearing photos to wrap up International Babywearing Week.


This was taken on the NYC subway when Jackson was about 6 months old. Jackson loved the view from Uncle Giuseppe’s back!


Here’s another picture from the same trip to NYC to visit my sister. It was freezing cold, so we bundled Jackson up and even tucked a blanket into the wrap for extra warmth. I think this was taken inside Madam Toussad’s Wax Museum.


This picture was taken by a friend of mine at a breastfeeding mom’s group. Before the center closed, they offered breastfeeding support, infant massage classes, and even mom’s groups. Pretty progressive for a hospital, huh? Jack was right at a year old in this picture, and yes… I know… he’s a little crooked. I was wrapping in a hurry for a group demonstration, but he looks happy!

Some great babywearing memories and thoughts:

wearing the Jackattack at every concert Ryan ran sound for in his first few years.
seeing a mom tote her baby in the ergo at Bright Eyes and Gillian Welch last May- that baby was rockin’.
wearing Jack around NYC… three times.
breezing through airport security while stroller pushing moms cringed in envy.
Ikea… Ikea… Ikea.
walking Broad St. and downtown for parades and festivals.
being able to teach my friends and other mom’s about babywearing.
loving the feeling of being connected to every mom who’s ever worn her baby from Afghanistan to Zambia…it’s not exactly a new concept!

Oh… by the way.  Steph’s having a giveaway over here.

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