A Good Day (or “A Mile on my Back”)

So there was a parade downtown today. I love downtown…. (I’m trying to talk ‘someone’ into letting us move there.) It seems like lately, we’ve spent a lot of time there. In the past year, we’ve found a new church home… and it’s downtown. We’ve made great friends there and we all hang out all the time… in fact, if we’re “hanging out” at all, it’s with those guys and everyone’s respective kids. So, we’re generally downtown 3 or more times a week with regard to church. Plus, there’s the library… and the park… and who can resist an old fashioned main street with amazing architecture and history!

Anyway, back to today. This morning, Jack and I were pretty lazy. He spent the night at “Nan and Pop’s,” since we led worship at Celebrate Recovery last night. So around 10 a.m. I went and grabbed him from their house, and we headed home. We laid around and played trains, had a snack and took a rest. Then we headed downtown. We parked our car at the very end of our church parking lot (along the parade route), and headed to Broad St for lunch.

I wore Jackson on my back in the ring sling… which is not exactly something I do often. However, I decided to give it a whirl today. Jackson loves being on my back… but he’s getting kinda heavy. Last check, he weighed 45 lbs, and frankly- I don’t love the ring sling that I currently own. In fact, with Jackson, I was never really much of a “slinger.” I tended to wear him more in the Moby wrap. But, at 45 lbs, a stretch wrap is pretty much out of the question. He’d be hanging around my ankles after a few steps. I’ve always wanted a storchenweige or an ergo, but haven’t had the spare change (or Benjamins) to go for it.

(That being said… I have worn Jackson recently in a friend’s ring sling when we were out of town. It’s a Nest sling, and I must say….. MUCH MORE COMFORTABLE. So… I’ve picked one out for new baby… maybe, just maybe I’ll get it. )

So… back to the story. 1/2 mile to lunch, 1/2 mile back to parade, Broad St shopping, another 1/2 mile…. my kind of day. So all in all, it’s been a good day. To wrap it up, I am thinking homemade vegetable soup and a movie…

I’ll leave you with a picture I stole borrowed from our newspaper’s website.

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