A Saturday kind of day.

Ryan’s been gone for work an awful lot lately.  And guess who got home last night after Jack and I were both asleep?

So…. Ryan caught up on his sleep while Jackson was at school, and even managed to take me to a “grown up” lunch… no kids allowed- unless of course, they’re in utero (tee hee hee).  We surprised Jackson a little early at “school,” and headed to the park.  We played by the river, climbed all over the playground, and even chased a few squirrels.  Then we surprised both “Nan” and “Pop” (Ryan’s parents) at work, and came home to watch a movie.

If you haven’t seen it, Iron Giant is a pretty good movie- from what I saw (I happened to doze on the couch).  After the movie, we headed out to our favorite dinner joint, the Pick ‘o Deli.  The Pick ‘o Deli isn’t a Piccadilly… it’s been around  for much longer I think, and they have the best vegetables ever!  Jack indulged in a double order of Mac and Cheesy, while I had dressing, squash, and broccoli… not so healthy, but like I said it was a Saturday kind of day!

We all had a great time… which is good, because I think Daddy has a pretty full schedule this weekend.  We needed some good quality time!

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