I could spend hours daydreaming… and my topic of choice- what would I do if money were no object?  This often is my mind’s topic of discussion when making the 2 hour drive to my mom’s house.  The saddest part- That brain conversation can take up the entire trip.  The highest I remember the lottery ever getting was $312 million.  What would you do if you won that much money?

My first thought- after buying gas and groceries… including those organic grapes I can’t bring myself to purchase, is to pay off all of my family’s homes.  My mom’s, my dad’s, and the inlaws… and while I’m at it, pay off their cars too.  I’d pay for my little sister’s college and set up a fund for my little brother’s.  I’d buy a really nice camera and a macbook.

I’d rent a beach house on the gulf and spend a month there… and bring everyone down in rotation.  Heck, with that much money, I could buy my own.  I’d like to have my own vacation house and randomly send people there.  I’d send some dear friends who desperately need a break.  I’d send my pastor and her husband.  Wouldn’t it be awesome to randomly surprise people with a trip to the beach… at no cost?

I’d pay for these folks international adoption, and I’d give lots of money to these people– I believe in what they’re doing.  I’d go meet my compassion daughter face to face.  I’d put my best friend through school.  I would provide for our future and that of our children.  I’d find a deserving family and create Jubilee for them.

Of course, I guess it goes without saying that we would have an awesome “green” home and awesome stuff.  I’d probably spend days at Ikea, and we definitely wouldn’t want for much.  I’d send Jack to Montessori- I’d like to homeschool, but that’s apparently not up for discussion.

Some of my wants are selfish… but what would you do if you had all that money?

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